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About Us

 WealthFolio Advisors was founded because we believe everyone deserves honest, personalized investment advice that helps you feel confident in your future.


Founders, Aly McFarlane and Michele Holton worked together as Financial Advisors at large financial institutions, both with the same goal of helping people understand the benefits of investing.  Unfortunately, over the years the financial services industry has had many situations occur that has eroded people’s trust in the institutions that were designed to serve them. 


This was the catalyst for starting WealthFolio Advisors.  WealthFolio Advisors was established to help people with investment decisions and plan for their future the way it should be done; with trust, integrity and by always having our client’s best interest first and foremost.


Aly McFarlane

Aly brings decades of experience in financial services to her current role as Managing Partner at WealthFolio Advisors. Aly heads the wealth management team, focusing on high-net-worth families with complex needs. Her professional career includes extensive experience working at some of the largest international banking and financial services firms in the country including Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo and Citicorp and as a Managing Partner at an IT Firm.


Aly’s background in investment finance, strategic wealth management and values-based family planning gives her clients confidence that they truly have a trusted advisor team working in their best interests.


Throughout her career, Aly has custom designed and presented retirement and wealth planning seminars as well as numerous educational seminars. Her dynamic combination of analytical and interpersonal skills gives her the ability to explain the intricate details of financial planning to her clients to help them make educated decisions for the future. 


Aly has a Bachelor of Arts degree from The University of California, Los Angeles where she met her husband Steve. They live in Los Angeles, CA with their two children. 

Michele Holton

Michele has spent her whole career in financial services and financial technology.   Right out of college with her undergraduate degree in finance, she became a financial advisor and began helping clients build a brighter financial future.  Now over two decades later, she brings that same enthusiasm to her role as Managing Partner at WealthFolio Advisors. 

Over the course of her career, Michele has provided financial guidance and retirement planning to high net worth clients at Citicorp and Wells Fargo. She has also lead marketing and product management at some of the world's leading financial services companies including Thomson Reuters and BlackRock.  

Michele's background as a financial advisor coupled with her institutional experience in financial products and financial technologies provides the backbone for creating a truly unique client experience at WealthFolio Advisors.  

Michele is a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor, has a Bachelor of Science in finance degree from California State University, Long Beach and an MBA  in finance from Pepperdine University.  Michele lives in Sonoma, CA. 

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