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Our Services

At WealthFolio Advisors (WFA) protecting your assets is paramount. We do not chase the highest returns, nor do we aim to catch the top or the bottom of the market. Asset allocation is the foundation of our portfolio construction. We perform ongoing analysis of the risk/reward dynamics in the markets and across asset classes, which is then applied to each individual client portfolio. 


Because we never know what’s going to happen in the stock market–or in your life–it’s important to remain flexible. Having access to liquidity gives us that flexibility.  


Our goal is not to make you rich but, to keep you rich. We intend to first protect your assets and then to grow them.


While performance is important, consistency helps clients sleep well at night. We will not take on unnecessary risk to increase returns.


Any time you make an investment in stocks or bonds, you must be focused on the long run, as there will certainly be bumps in the road.

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